Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Clearing bermuda grass from planting beds

Much as I don't like it, bermuda grass is what I have and it crawls far and fast, both on and under the ground. Today I dug a trench around the laveneder bushes and removed all the bermuda grass, then filled it with mulch. Now I can go along the trench with the steel blade power edger and trim the grass that crosses the line. Seems to work in other areas.

In a small area by the port to under the house, I have planted a Carolina jasamine. This is on a trellis and is now growing fine. When I planted it originally, I placed landscape fabric around the area and covered it with large pine bark chunks. This space is only about 5 feet wide and is right at the corner of the house. It is difficult to mow around because of the placement. Today, I put in a stray piece of plastic border that just fit. Dug out the trench like for the lavender area, but installed the plastic border instead of mulch. Then I put back the fabric and the pine bark. Now I should be able to use the string trimmer on this area and keep it neat.

At the end of the sun room I am digging out the bermuda grass and sifting the soil to be sure of removing all the bits and pieces of grass. This is tough, but it is the only way to permanently get rid of the grass in the area. I am digging about 8 inches down, removing the soil onto a piece of plastic fine chicken wire kind of stuff that is attached to two pieces of board. The grass and rocks do not pass the mesh. The soil and the small organic soil amendment do. I put dog food down at the bottom, then replace the sifted soil. It is slow work.

I will plant boxwoods, azeleas, day lilies and hostas here. They are patiently waiting.

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