Wednesday, July 05, 2006


My computer crashed, lost all pics of garden...

This is a sad note. My big computer crashed. Yes, the one I built that had the big disk and a backup disk died. I think the backup disk is OK, but I am not sure. In any case, the pictures of the garden after I got the coral bark maple went to the bit bucket behind the desk.

Where am I now? The Rye has grown and most has been removed or has glads growing up in it. The lilies didn't prosper in the rye.

The vegetable gardens are very productive this year. I clearly have planted too many tomatoes and zuccini. We have a very prolific papaya squash that produces large yellow summer squash by the basket full every time I look at it. My wife does not like it as much as the normal summer squash.

My tan pumpkin has overtaken the garden area where it was planted with a vengance. I mow it where it invades the lawn.

My grandson (he is 16) and I put in a parking pad for the RV. This is a gravel pad that is level and near water, sewer, and our new 30 amp electric outlet. I have filled around the pad with top soil and tapered it down to the lawn level, then reseeded with fiscue. The bermuda is comming up fine.

The path to the woods in the corner is essentially done. I may move one plant later on. There are 15 little azaleas from Wal*Mart, you know, the ones for $1.75, and a nice rhododendron and the coral bark maple in the island part of the garden. Along the fences are 3 Alabama azaleas, some asian lilies, a Star magnolia, two rhododendrons, and a native azalea. Then the fence across the corner.

I put two hinges and a gate latch on this fence section to make it look like a gate into the woods. Wife put some artificial flowers on the gate in a little moss basket. It is too dry and shady for anything to grow in the basket.

Along the next fence are another rhododendron, a witch hazel, three summer lyric azaleas, five Virginia sweetspire, four winterberry (including one male) and a multistemed redbud tree.

This whole thing took a while to complete, lots of holes to dig. To dig the holes, I used this technique: Clear the existing mulch away to reuse around the new plant; Dump a bucket full of soil amendment and some 10, 10, 10 fertilizer on the spot for the hole (it is good clay); Dig the hole a shovel depth all around mixing the amendment into the soil as the soil is loosened; Toss out any rocks and cut any roots from the trees; Plant the plant, backfill halfway, soak with water; Full the remainder of the soil, making a basin with the excess; Return the mulch, then get a beer. We have had a hot spring.

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