Sunday, July 30, 2006


Foam to fill the hole in the tree...

I used insulating foam to fill the cavity in the Bradford pear tree. First I vacuumed and blew all the dust and crap from the hole which has lots of cracks and splits. Then I just filled the hole from the bottom to the top with foam. I was carefult to make sure all the broken wood was covered with a layer of foam.

Then I went in the house to have a beer. When I came out, the foam had filled ... and filled... and filled the hole and now it looks like a basketball got stuck in the tree.

Ballof foam in the tree wound. Now I have to trim it down and then paint it. It won't grow after curing for 24 hours. Then it can be cut with a saw and shaped with a rasp. In outdoor conditions, it must be protected from the weather.

The chips from the tree look like about 5 yards. The pile got rained on for a day. Now it is filled with mold. Each forkfull is full of mycilium from the fungus growing in the pile. I suppose that is good for the soil.

I put a bunch of the chips around the blueberries because it is supposed to be acid. It will also soak up all the nitrogen from the plants. It will burn if ignited, and I expect it will attract termites. I am placing it by the chainlink fencing and away from the house to minimize the termite problem. It took one yard to do the blueberries.

Wood chips placed along the chain link fence by the Rose of Sharon.I have placed a couple more yards (three carts full is one cubic yard) along the back chainlink fence. This area is sort of neglected. It backs up to overgrown Rose of Sharon alternating with overgrown forsythia in the neighbor's yard. The chips look good.

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