Monday, July 10, 2006


Five yards of mulch for the front yard...

Grandson, Ryan, came over for the weekend and we placed five yards of mulch in the beds of the front yard. It goes on thick and lasts a couple of years. This is just ground brush mixed with composted sewage sludge and is available from several processing plants in the area. No color added, just brown mulch. We placed it 3 to 4 inches thick and the five yards just did the front yard.

We also trimmed the eunonymous manhatten in the front. These things are varigated with yellow and green leaves. When I trimmed them, it became apparent that they are infected with scale. I think I will take them out and replace with something else. They can grow too big too fast and need trimming. At my last house I had one that was planted too close to the house and it got pretty big, then fell over. Just pulled itself out of the ground. I cut it way back and it came back just fine. These are indestructable.

That done, Ryan, who is just 16 and just got his learners permit, got to mow the back yard on the riding mower. After he finished we went over it again and did the places that he missed. He has a lot to learn. Nice kid. "A" student. Can't hammer a nail.

I spent today, Monday, pulling the rye out of the glads. The rye got big. Now I will have rye weeds forever in that area.

I still have 8 mugo pines (pinus mugo mugho) to plant. Also a fringe tree awaiting a decision on where to put it. Also have to move one of the maples that is now aproaching 6 ft tall. It was an arbor day seedling two years ago. I want to plant it where it will cast evening shade on the bedroom in the summertime. I need to go out and cut the roots for the rootball.

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