Monday, April 03, 2006


Three yards of mulch in the way of the RV

Massive thunderstorms last night left piles of hail under the shrubs and beside the RV. Today is the day to take the RV to Kodak to have the generator repaired. There are still three yards of mulch in the driveway that has to be moved so the RV can get out of the yard. Also the ground is very wet after the rain -- we got a little more than an inch -- so I had to wait for the water to soak in and run off.

I moved the mulch to the corner of the back yard by the woods where I am building a small mulch island with a "Y" shaped path to the corner where a little piece of fence blocks off the open corner and the cable connection. The other day I measured out the curve to match the curve of the old dogwood tree but with a larger radius and I painted the outline of the island and 3-foot wide paths on either side. I have 3-foot wide landscape fabric to lay under the path. The island is just to be 3-4 inch thick mulch to block the grass and allow planting of the 15 small azeleas. My job this morning was to move the mulch from the driveway to the island so I can get the RV to the appointment.

Done! The eastern path segment landscape fabric is pinned to the ground and outlined with mulch. Now it is ready for the pine bark nuggets that will be the path material. When that is down, I will add pine bark mulch on top to solidify the path and fill in the gaps in the larger nuggets.

The three yards of mulch was just about right. I need some more, so I will order another load. I will complain, too. My cart holds 0.42 yards and by my count I only got 4.3 yards for my money.

Pictures comming when the plants are in and the path is done.

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