Thursday, April 20, 2006


Found a Coral Bark Maple

I have been shopping for a coral bark maple for weeks, now. I finally found one at a nursury near downtown Knoxville. The owner said he didn't have any, but there were two just as you entered the lot. They were mixed in with some other Japanese maples and now labeled as coral bark, but only as Sango kaku. The last time I went in he really didn't have any. Here is a link to info about this tree. I was really eager to plant this tree because it is the centerpiece of the path to the woods in that corner. I got my stuff and dug the hole and was about to plant the tree when I decided to check the visual layout so I stuck the shovel in the hole and walked back to the house by the deck to look. The shovel handle was hidden by the larger dogwood in the middle of the back lawn. That location would not work because we would not be able to see the tree from the deck. I picked a better location and noted that that is where the cable runs through the back yard over to the house. I can plant here, but I have to dig very carefully not to disturb the cable. It is somewhere near the marks left by the cable searchers. I had everything marked recently but now the marks are gone and the ground is covered with mulch. Rain today, so I didn't dig. I will when it dries out a little.

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