Friday, March 03, 2006


Spring is Beginning...

Crocuses are blooming. Daffodils are beginning to bloom. Tulips are comming up. Green onions are peeping out of the ground in the vegetable garden. My rye is growing gangbusters. (This is the grain that I planted too thickly.) Sweet peas are sprouting along the fence behind the blueberries. Day lilies are waking up. Forsithia are in bloom in the nieghbor's yards. Pansies are blooming. The climbing roses are sprouting. The miniture harmony iris are in bloom. These are no bigger than the crocuses and bloom at the same time.

There are flocks of robins and starlings in the yard. The rabbit that lives under the back porch is getting huge. Woe to my vegies...

The RV is getting ready to travel in a couple of weeks.

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