Saturday, January 21, 2006


Strawberries and Leaves


Picked up 20 strawberry plants at the store the day before yesterday to replace the ones in our two strawberry pots. I moved the ones in the pots (all Quinault) to a row in front of the blueberry bushes, then repotted with the new plants and some of the old ones since there were only 10 in the bunches and there are 12 holes in each pot. The new berries are Sequoia and Quinault.


My neighbor rang the doorbell and had a trailer filled with mulched leaves from his oak tree orchard. It looks like about 3 yards of fine chipped mulch leaves. These will go to complete the mulching along the back of the lot along the chain link fence. If there is enough, then some will go along the east side of the house by the RV.

I also put in 6 more irises along the east side of the shed where some of the ones I put in last year did not take.

I was mixing some bird seed the other day. I mix 20 lbs of the Pennington wild bird seed with 5 lbs of the hulled sunflower seeds and peanuts. The bigger birds like it. Anyway, I poured alternate layers of the two kinds of seeds into the waste basket used to hold the birdseed, then got the spare one to use for mixing by pouring from one to the other. The spare had some seeds from last falls cilantro that I was saving. I grabbed some of the cilantro seed and the corpse of a small mouse. He got into the basket and could not get out because it was too deep. He ate a bunch of seeds, though; there wasn't much left.

The other evening I was using the last pound of 13-13-13 fertilizer on the ferns by the porch when I fertilized a rabbit. Shocked both of us.

Pictures later of the leaves to date.

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