Friday, December 09, 2005


A Brief Update On The Trip

We completed the trip around Lake Superior and had a great time. We have almost 1000 pictures of waterfalls and giant moose and giant geese and huge canyons, among other less spectacular visions. I may entertain some pictures here in the future, but not now. This blog is really about the garden, so let me update that.

The corn came up and grew on schedule and produced approximately on time just after we returned. However, I delayed picking and thr overall result was tough ears.

The three seeds in each hole didn't work out too well either. Not enough fertilizer to feed three plants at once. The thick planting did work, though, and most of the plants succombed to the wind during a thunderstorm. That's life. I used the stalks for the Halloween decorations, then threw them out. They are too much trouble to compost.

The tomatos were fine. We had them all summer long until frost. When I pulled the plants up, the roots were compressed into small space, so the soil really needs to be tilled digging fork deep. I will do that this winter if it isn't too cold.

Cucumbers didn't fare too well. Again, poor soil conditions are the root cause. Same solution.

Bell peppers did OK considering. Onions did fine and were harvested early and all eaten.

We had both green and red cabbages. Small, but enough to enjoy.

The first brocolli was eaten by the rabbit. The second crop was protected by wire screen and survivied the rabbit and was eaten by us. Wife is always skepticl of brocolli because of worms, but this was OK.

We had lots of zuccini and yellow squash. No wasps to speak of in the stems this year. They killed all the plants every year at the other house.

We had baby watermellons and jalapeno peppers planted in the other garden areas.

I may make more vegetable plots next year. Maybe.

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