Friday, July 29, 2005


The rally begins...

Monday, July 18, 2005, The rally business starts...

The first thing for us on Monday was to go into town and see the Ford agency. Service was friendly and they set us up an appointment for Friday morning to fix the starter and solenoid. With that out of the way we went to Bills Friendly Market and did some grocery shopping and got more bottled water for coffee and drinking. Nice store, could be a Kroger in Farragut.

Much of the rally is seminars on various RVing subjects. For me it was ID theft and prevention for RV'ers, then ONAN generator maintenance, and then maintenance tips for black and grey water systems, and finally the new changes in Medicare prescription coverage.

ONAN parts: I needed air and fuel filters for my generator. The ONAN people were there with all kinds of parts, but not the air filters. They will get two of them for me and have them by tomorrow, along with a couple of plugs and two fuel filters.

ID theft and protection for RVers was full of good advice. Get your credit report from each of the three companies at four month intervals so you can get three each year. Check them and cancel all unused credit cards. Have your checks made with first initial and last name imprinted and no other information.

Black water tanks was about the avoidance of chemicals and instead, using the proper bacteria to control digestion of wastes. Also, the standard rules of not leaving the black water tank open (let it fill, then dump). Don't let food particles or grease get into the gray tank. Wipe plates and pans clean of debris first, then wash. When dumping, dump the black tank first, leave the black tank valve open while dumping the gray water, then close both valves. I will help rinse the black tank.

Medicare is changing. A heavily attended seminar on the new changes to the prescription drugs was interesting.

In the evening, we all met at 4 p.m. for the state group, then went to see Jimmy Travis, a commedian and guitarist from Nashville. He was really good. It was two hours of one-liners like the one about how hot it was. It was so hot that Bill went to stand beside Hilary to feel the chill.

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