Friday, July 29, 2005


Off we go to Winnebago

Thursday, July, , 2005 The trip begins

We got away later than I expected. The goal was 9 am, but Dixie didn't understand the urgency of the matter and we left about 11. It was raining as we hooked up. This was the first time to hook up this Saturn, so it goes slower than will be normal. The tail lights and turn signal on one side didn't work, so had to fix that. The bulb was not burned out, but the contacts appeared to be corroded. An emery board fixed that and the light worked bright as it should. Did the same to the other side and all was well. The Brake Buddy monitor didn't work, but the brakes worked fine and the stop lights on the saturn lit; the radio transmitter that tells the RV that the brake lights on the Saturn are on did not seem to be working. This is not urgent, so we went without fixing that. The trip was uneventful and took us north thru Kentucky and into Indiana. We stopped at Seymore, Indiana, at Wal*Mart and spent the night in their parking lot with pleasant permission. I picked up a new multimeter for the RV since I had not brought mine from the other tool box. I also picked up an inexpensive color printer for $25. Lightweight and powered from the USB cable. Should be good for occasional use in the RV. In the morning after our limited use of the electrical system the night before, the batteries were very low! These batteries need to be changed. I'll do that later.

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