Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Almost ready to go...

Today was final packing and getting the contract for the lawn and going to the Dr. and getting the propane leak fixed. All are done!!!!! We are both pooped. Dixie said a few unkind words to me and stomped off to bed. I decided to add a line or two to the blog.

We had rain this morning, so it was slow going for a while. My doctors appointment was at 11 and he is not far away. I almost didn't make it because I flooded the Saturn and it would not start. (This is the second time.) I had to back the Buick out of the garage and the RV was parked behind the Buick, but I had left I thought room for the Buick to get out if I really needed to. I made it with only one readjustment of the angle.

I called the propane man and he said he had the part and would be right out. Finally. He was there when I got back from the doctors office. I have a perscription for Cipro for a potential kidney infection. I can recognize the symptons now after three times and I know it recurrs. He will call me if the blood test indicates that I need to take it.

Propane if fixed and no more leaks in the repaired system. That's good.

The lawn guy came and gave me a quote. I took it. Now that is taken care of and when we return we will call him and he will bill us for the work. Works for me.

I spent the rest of the day going back and forth trying to get all the stuff we take back into the RV and all the stuff we don't need weeded out of the pile.

The other day, I moved the RV from the yard to the driveway, so we were not going through the gate and tracking mud all over the place. Things are pretty wet as hurrican Dennis is comming back across east Tennessee today. We got another 3/4 inch of rain today. It is still light rain.

I finally put the Buick to bed and backed the Saturn into the garage, then backed the RV up to the Saturn to make hookup easy in the morning. I can put the bra on the Saturn in the garage, too, without getting it all wet.

More later as we begin this trip.

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