Thursday, March 10, 2005


Planted more dogwoods... and more...

Yesterday I planted two more dogwoods (Cornus Florida) in the big mulch area across from the deck. These are in the plan for this area and another Kausa dogwood goes in between them. The excess soil from the holes is going to the ramp for the shed door.

I pondered the Bradford Pear and notices that it is beginning to open the buds. Should be really pretty in a couple of days. There are two branches, about 2 1/2 inches in diameter, that are crossing and should come out. Need a ladder to do that.

Today I planted four seedless grapes along the fence. This is somewhat shady at 2:30 this afternoon. Maybe they will not do too well. We will see.

Then I planted the three yellow twig dogwoods over by the day lilies and gladiolus on the north fence. They look nice now with twigs only about 3 feet high. I saw some mature plants at a nursury recently. They were 8 feet high and 8 feet across. Lots of yellow branches. These are supposed to be trimmed back every spring so that there are only a few twigs for that years plant. The ones I saw had not been trimmed in some time.

I also planted three butterfly bushes in the tree mulch for the three trees in the north end of the back yard. These are tiny, so I put plastic tubs over them to protect them from the cold tonight. Hope they make it.

Now I have to plant hostas. KORRnet sent a notice today about the new web pages they now host. One is the East Tennessee Hosta Society in Knoxville. Since I will be planting a bunch of hostas, I checked out their links and spent an hour learning about hostas. Check it out.

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