Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Nell has problems with Internet Explorer...

Nell is one of my CHIPS clients. CHIPS is the KORRnet program for Computers for Homebound & Isolated Persons. I volunteer to help those in the Rockwood and Harriman areas in Tennessee. Anyway, Nell called and left a message that she had lost her Internet Explorer (IE) icon on her desktop. I told her I would come out on Monday and reinstall it for her. I went out there and took the Microsoft Security Update CD with me. Her system is old and somewhat out of date.

Sure enough, when I got there, the icon was missing from the desktop of here old Compaq desktop. I used the CD to update her systems, then called Microsoft using the internet and updated the programs from that point. Took another 15 minutes to download the new patches since the Update CD. When the computer rebooted, there was the icon back on the desktop. She was pleased and I went home. Only took 2-1/2 hours.

She sent me an e-mail. She cannot open attachments to her e-mails.

I called her back and agreed to go out and see her today. Seems the updated Outlook Express will not open attachments that have threats in them. They don't even get downloaded. I explained it to her and changed the color of the OE message to yellow that tells that the attachment was not downloaded. Seems that most of these are forwarded junk jokes that may have trojan horses embeded in them. I told her that it was OK that they did not get downloaded, but she was disappointed.

I will correspond with her and send some attachments that are free of threats and see if they get downloaded.

Hi, Nell...

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