Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Five yards of mulch...and more...

I ordered five more yards of mulch and it was delivered right away. Spent two days placing it in the back yard along the north fence. This covered the 10 tiny trees that have been temporarily placed just inside the fence. These trees came from the Arbor Day people. I will let them leaf out and identify them with the data that came with them. Of course each tree was marked with a different color of paint, but the paint was gone when I got them. Thats OK, I have a list of paint colors and names.

Dixie had three mums in pots left over from the fall decorations by the front door. I planted these near the other hardy mum in the back yard and mulched over the area. Then mulched over the 12 day lilies that I had planted last week. These guys were all sprouting in their bags, so they had to go into the ground. I needed the mulch for these.

A week ago when we were in Sam's I bought a large bag of 100 gladiolias. These need to be planted 4-6 inches deep, so I started digging a 2-foot wide trench, placing three bulbs (corms) and continued until I had just one left. Pretty good counting. The last row has 4 corms. Then I mulched over the area 3 inches deep.

I had tried to till the area where the glads were planted a week ago, but it was too wet and the grass clogged up the tiller and the area was just two ditches going along the fence. After digging for the glads, the soil was OK for tilling, so I started it up again and tilled the remainder of the fence line so I can mulch over it.

Seemed like a good place to plant my asparagus, so I dug a trench and placed the plants with potting soil in the hole, then covered it and covered the area with mulch.

I used the rest of the mulch to mulch around the three trees in this end of the garden. I laid out a 5-foot radius using the hoe handle and marking paint, then just brought in the mulch and laid it in the big circle and filled in the center. Had just enough to cover the areas nicely. Now I need another 5 yards of mulch.

Sunburned my head. Forgot to wear my hat until it was too late.

Then it snowed and rained. Looks nice out there now. Nice and neat with the dark mulch around the trees. The bradford pears are trying to bud.

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